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LACAH V Wraps Up!

After a season of beginner-friendly regional/national tournaments, LACAH V, hosted on the 4th and 5th of March, was another remarkable success for LACAH. Over 120 contestants from five continents donned their slick suits and creative costumes to compete, with teams experienced from previous regionals/nationals transitioning to a higher level of competition. Unlike previous International LACAHs, LACAH V hosted not only high schoolers but graduate and postgraduate students as well, with a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Through this tournament, participants experienced a new case; an original LACAH take on the historical legal case of the Mignonette, engaging moral questions on the guilt of bystanders. As we transition into Quarter 2 of this year, we look forward to more fruitful debates on this topic at the regional and national levels. See you there!

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