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01. Julius Streicher

LACAH I : Winter 2020

The LACAH 2020 Mock Trial Tournament was held across Shanghai on the 19th and 20th of December 2020. The defendant was Julius Streicher, the Nazi responsible for spreading anti-Semitic propaganda. Though convicted, the controversy surrounding this case remains as he never directly participated in any physical violence. LACAH this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials, during which Streicher was originally put on the stand.


Nathan's Remarks

"One Key Takeaway"

LACAH's founder, Nathan Chan, remarked in the closing speech, "I learned a lot from this trial, and just wanted to share one key takeaway that I got from discussions with our judges and everyone here in the last two days: that the story each attorney brought out with logic and human feelings through the witnesses must move the judge as deeply as if he or she were in the situation of the alleged crime along with the victim; experiencing it, not just observing and judging. This process of recounting and embodying can lead to a great moment of human justice or a reversal of expectations, such as during these two days, where Streicher was found not guilty more times than guilty. This brings us back to our theme of LACAH 2020, crimes against humanity. It is up to us, future lawyers and change-makers of the world, to create and bring success to these moments of human justice."

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