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02. Harry S Truman

LACAH II : Summer 2021

LACAH Summer 2021 was held on the 12 and 13 of June, putting President Harry S. Truman, the U.S. president responsible for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on the stand. After the events of the bombing, he was neither charged nor convicted of any crime despite having indirectly caused the deaths of over a hundred thousand people; thus, offering an opportunity for participants to independently develop their own interpretations and evaluate the evidence.


Our Development 

International Impact

LACAH executive Daisy Dai boldly proclaimed, "We are honored to report that LACAH Summer 2021 expanded beyond Shanghai. This time we have teams from the United States, Vietnam, Beijing, and Jiangxi joining us over Zoom!"

This trial, the number of participating teams doubled from 7 to 14. We had 8 teams from Shanghai, 4 from elsewhere in China, and 2 teams from across the globe. We hope more teams can have the LACAH Experience in the future!

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