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 Founded in 2020

The Law Association for Crimes Across History, LACAH, is a non-profit and student-run project. So far, we have had 800+ participants from 41+ countries compete at our 13 tournaments. With cases themed around social justice, we hope to address current issues through studying history.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide collaborative mock trial opportunities to students around the world to learn about the practice of law, develop empathy, study history with a legal lens, and build a global network of like-minded, proactive peers.

We aspire to make a positive impact on our generation's global outlook, provide a relevant truth-seeking experience, and create international interactions for all.

The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged.

Jean-Luc Picard

Meet Our Executives

Samantha Li

Executive Committee Member

Sydney Lu

Executive Committee Member 

Cory Fan

Executive Director

Cory Fan ('25) is a student of various passions, including mock trial and history, living in Shanghai China. After competing in LACAH VI as his first mock trial tournament in 2022, Cory Fan has participated in a variety of mock trial tournaments following but today mostly reclusively organizes LACAH events. Having been previously a case team member and leader, Cory Fan hopes to emphasize the intricacies of mock trial while preserving the historical elements that make LACAH unique, but also to maintain the beginner-friendly elements that attracted him to LACAH in the first place.

Madelyn Tran

Executive Committee Member, Case Team Head

Madelyn Tran (’25) is the head of LACAH’s case team. Currently, she has helped complete two case packets, and she hopes to write more in the future. She was introduced to mock trial through a national Chinese competition and went on to win LACAH V. Madelyn is also the leader of the mock trial club at her school and hopes to grow her school’s participation in mock trial. Madelyn is excited to see LACAH’s growth in future years.

Mian Zhu

Executive Committee Member 

Sydney Lu ('25) is a member of the case team who wrote two of the affidavits for the LACAH VI case of Daniel White. LACAH IV was the first mock trial tournament she attended with her friends, sparking her long-time interest that pushed her to attend various competitions in China, including NUMT, PPMT, and IMT. Sydney later won the LACAH V competition with her teammates from NUMT, and proceeded to coach a team from her school to first place for LACAH VI. Sydney is dedicated to spreading her interest in mock trial to others, whether that be at her school or to the rest of the world. However, to do that, Sydney should work on writing more crossable witnesses.

Samantha Li ('26) is often working behind the scenes at LACAH, where she serves as the secretary of the operations team. Her academic exploration in the field of history has grown in her a profound appreciation for the complexities of law. Before assuming her current role at LACAH, Samantha immersed herself in numerous mock trial competitions, representing her school. Fueled by a love for legal discourse and an affinity for the written word, Samantha is more than glad to channel her interest into work here at LACAH.

Mian Zhu (‘26) is a member of the marketing and design team, having designed evidence, covers, and posters for several LACAH tournaments since joining in June of 2023. She first became interested in mock trials in middle school, joining many debate competitions and public speaking extracurriculars, and her interest has only grown in high school. She is now a member of her school’s mock trial club and will attend Empire for the first time in May. She hopes to help LACAH continue its growth in future years and help others discover their passion for mock trials.

Alumni Board

Alex Tran
Nathan Chan
Joshua Zhang


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