LACAH IV Welcome

Updated: Mar 12

Greetings, LACAH IV participants! We are excited to have you all with us for our fourth LACAH mock trial. We have a few important announcements to make.

Firstly, all LACAH communications this year will be sent via Microsoft Teams. So, please

create a personal account. Keep in mind that school accounts will not work. You can make a personal Teams account using the link

After you have created an account, please join the official LACAH group chat for whichever tournament you will be participating in as soon as possible using the following links:



Please also note that we will be hosting our first LACAH lesson at 10AM UTC+8 (China Standard Time) on Sunday the 13th of March. It will be taught by, Sam Desai, a Harvard-educated law expert. It will cover the basics of mock trial.

These classes are all optional. However, attendance is highly encouraged, as it will help you immensely in preparing your case. If you are unable to attend, the lesson recording and lesson notes will be made available to you on our website.

Happy mock-trialing!


The LACAH Executive Team.

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