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On behalf of the LACAH executive team, it has been our distinct privilege to have taken this one month LACAH Journey with you.

As most of you are aware, the world has been talking about the horrendous Russia-Ukraine conflict. This is needed. At the same time, we also want to highlight that there has been wanton use of chemical weapons in other regions such as Tigray. Thus, our discussion on Agent Orange is especially relevant because as Mark Twain said "history may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes". To these ends, we hope that by participating in LACAH that you have not only gained deeper understanding on these issues, but may also have found a passion for social justice. It is up to the lawyers and changemakers of tomorrow, such as you all, to uphold what is right.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of LACAH IV:


-Champion Team: Team 12

-Runner Up Team: Team 3

-Best Speaker: Katia Krishtoppa

-Most Well Rounded: Marie Sheets

-Best Witness: Blair Schooling

-Best Attorney: Anna Webb

-LACAH Spirit: Victoria Gasmann


-Champion Team: Team 18

-Runner Up Team: Team 19

-2nd Runner Up Team; Team 10

-Most Improved: Dong Liu

-Most Well Rounded: Ana Maria Krusteva

-Best Witness: Ellie Wang

-Best Attorney: Kevin Ni

-LACAH Spirit: Cory Fan

Congratulations to all the winners!


The LACAH Executive Team.

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