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The Law Association for Crimes Across History (LACAH) is back for the winter! LACAH invites all students who are passionate about law and history to come join us. At this tournament, students will have the opportunity to meet others all around the globe through both online and offline tournaments. They will be able to share their enthusiasm for debate and teach each other a variety of skills. LACAH allows students to put infamous historical figures on stand for their crimes and reevaluates them using their own creative thinking and ideas.

This winter, our student attorneys will be putting Anatoly Kornukov on stand for ordering the shooting of civilian plane KAL007. He will be facing court on murder charges for the death of 269 civilians aboard the plane. Kornukov along with the rest of the Soviet Air Force was never convicted of any crimes related to KAL007. That is why we are calling on students around the world to critically analyze the case on their own through research to come up with their own conclusions. LACAH will challenge them to use evidence and their knowledge of law to both defend and prosecute Kornukov.

We, as an executive team, are excited and honored to bring with us a team of experienced lawyers, professors, and mock trial champions from prestigious U.S. universities to help guide each student to a better understanding of the legal system and courtroom. We hope to continue inspiring students around the world into a life of law.

LACAH Winter 2021 will be held on the 30th and 31st of October with each team consisting of 4 members. For more information, please browse our website. We encourage all of you to sign up using the sign up tab on our website.

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