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Become a Country Representative!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


The Law Association for Crimes Across History (LACAH) is a non-profit project, 100% led and run by high school students. Based in Shanghai, we organize biannual mock trial tournaments with unique historical cases themed around international law. While history doesn’t repeat, it often rhymes, and we believe the past has many lessons to teach.

LACAH is a one-month interactive process catered to all participants, from beginners to experts. Between the sign-up deadline and the tournament weekend, LACAH provides a plethora of resources and online classes with mock trial experts to prepare participants for the trial, building their skills and their understanding of the law.

This semester, we plan to host our 4th tournament, which will take place from April 2nd to 3rd or from April 9th to 10th. These will be two separate tournaments, and teams will be assigned to each based on time zones.

The LACAH team also has an exciting opportunity for you to get more involved than just being a participant — being a country representative! This will be a formal position for those selected, and you will be featured on our website as part of the organizing team. Other than participating, responsibilities of country representatives include:

I. Bringing 2 full teams to the tournament

II. Making sure your teams are prepared for the tournaments

III. Handling logistics (ex. knowing when each class starts, where to submit evidence, etc…)

IV. Deciding which tournament your country teams are better suited to participate in

If you are passionate about law and want to be a part of the LACAH country representative team, please fill in this brief application form:

For more information, you can visit our website or contact us directly:


Instagram: @lacah_official


The LACAH Executive Team

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