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Asia Pacific Regional Tournament 2022


LACAH Asia Pacific Regional Tournament: Fall 2022 

LACAH Asia-Pacific, hosted on October 22nd and 23rd of 2022, held many new beginnings for LACAH as an organization. The tournament saw the introduction of a new and improved digital scoring system, as well as a newly structured program that aims to teach the intricacies of mock trial in an interactive fashion that is accessible to beginners. With 18 teams, each representing a different country, LACAH Asia-Pacific brought together peoples of varying cultures and backgrounds to question and deepen their understanding of history and justice by examining the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Professional Witnesses 

More than ever before LACAH saw participants fully embrace the witness they were meant to portray. Participants not only spoke in accents, but also dressed up and put on makeup to create fake mustaches and beards! Small details such as those enhanced the trials and attorneys and judges alike felt as though they travel back in time to the years after World War II. 

It does not take a lot to dress up in character, yet these set of participants went above and beyond which illustrates the creativity and passion behind mock trial.

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